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Organizational skills are essential for better management of any institution, as it is essential for improved productivity and healthier personnel management. Lack of efficient organizational skills results in work stress. Considering that a company’s most priced hidden asset is the people it employs, stress and its relation to worker behavior is an undeniable concern. Now scientists call organizational stress, “malady of our age”. Stress is defined as a feeling of tension that is both emotional and physical. It can occur in specific situations. Different people perceive different situations as stressful. Stress management refers to the effort to control and reduce the tension that occurs with a situation that is considered difficult or unmanageable. Stress management involves the effort of a person in making emotional and physical changes. The degree of stress and the desire to make the changes will determine the level of change that will take place. If stress management does not work at a personal level, there are professional individuals such as licensed clinical psychologists and social workers who can help. Scheduling time with one of these professionals is often helpful in learning stress management strategies, including behavioral techniques and meditation.

The subtle nature of contemporary stressors makes them too difficult to cope effectively. Nature has provided man with a very limited repertoire of possible ‘flight or fight’ reactions to stress. But, simply fighting them or running away can rarely effectively deal with the current pressures. During stress, s/he experiences the primitive internal (hormonal and muscular) responses, which are preparing him/her to fight or flight. However, to achieve many goals of modern life, one has to overcome these feelings. Stress management programming is an important component of any worksite health promotion program. It is clear from the available research (given in review of literature chapters), that few of the worksite health promotion programs offer more than the occasional seminar on stress or time management for employees. Many corporations may have enlisted the services of employee assistance programmes for the treatment of stress related disorders, but too often preventive programmes are lacking. In examining other aspects of the health promotion program, it is common to see extensive fitness and exercise facilities staffed by well-trained personnel. One is much less likely to see qualified staff and facilities devoted to the prevention of employee stress.

Western world is taking cue from the oriental religions to deal effectively with work stress and related illness. Various studies report that, meditative state are consistent with relaxation and lowered stress, and the relaxation response seems to persist in experienced meditators even when they are not meditating. In addition to this, stress reduction has been achieved by the use of cognitive behavioral techniques such as assertive training, challenging irrational ideas, time management, systematic desensitization, relaxation-response techniques and problem-solving methods.

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