Application of OrgSET

The stress management intervention for organizations, Organizational Skills Enhancement Training (OrgSET), is not a single technique. It is a structured programme of several different but complementary approaches. For this reason, it is comparatively complex regime, requiring effort and forethought to set up. Attention has been paid to following considerations:

a. In order to achieve continuity, intervention is presented in a closed-group setting in the form of an ongoing course of sessions. This necessitates more careful planning than for single-session relaxation, and usually involves the setting up of a waiting list of appropriate clients.

b. Since so much educational material is involved, the preparation of written handouts or presentation slides is required to reinforce information given within sessions and guide practice of coping skills.

c. Regular homework assignments are given and monitoring sheets are provided to record progress and check that home practice is actually being done.

d. Feedback sessions in which clients can discuss their individual progress are also essential part of each session.

OrgSET can be readily adapted to suit a wide range of needs and abilities. For instance, the pace of programme may be adjusted to suit the needs of each client group. It is most important that clients are allowed sufficient time to master basic relaxation skills before moving on to more advanced skills. The actual components themselves can also be used selectively to produce various course combinations to suit different client groups.

OrgSET has been conceptualized and designed for this study in an extensive manner. The package spreads thorough five-days training on various behavioral techniques of stress management, relaxation techniques and meditation practice. Apart from this, individual psychological issues of each trainee will be addressed by means of individual psychotherapy/counseling.

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