Signs of Work related Stress

The following four areas may indicate a stress problem in the organization. However they are valid only if they follow a period when no such situations were evident.

(1) Performance at Work
  • There is a distinct decline in productivity with no clear reason.
  • Error rates increase leading to excessive wastage.
  • Workflow and planning deteriorate.
  • Deadlines are not met.
  • The standard of decision-making becomes poor or non-existent.
(2) Employee Morale
  • Motivation decreases, and commitment to the organization declines.
  • An increase in time at work does not lead to improved results.
  • Internal sabotage may occur.
(3) Relationships at Work
  • A team spirit is difficult to maintain.
  • Tension among colleagues’ increases, and decisions become harder to reach.
  • There is a demand for more precise instructions.
  • Industrial relations deteriorate.
(4) Sickness-absenteeism
  • Vague illnesses increase.
  • Breaks from work increase.
  • Late arrival and early departure become more frequent.

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