Active Meditation

This is an awareness arousing meditation technique... simple, but very effective!. To put it straight, meditation may be considered as a relaxation by arousing and sustaining awareness. The idea of meditation is to focus your thoughts on one relaxing thing for a sustained period of time. This rests your mind by diverting it from thinking about the problems that have caused stress. Meditation gives your body time to relax and recover and clear away toxins that may have built up through stress and mental or physical activity.

Lets’ first learn to differentiate Tense and Relax! (Fist Exercise – Hold your hands suspended and tighten your fist. Now close your eyes and go on increasing pressure on your fist for one minute. Then, slowly release your fist so that you can experience the difference between relaxed and tensed).

Unlike hypnosis, which is more of a passive experience, meditation is an active process that seeks to exclude outside thoughts. In all cases meditation helps if you to attain persistent relaxation response. It should be in a position that you can comfortably sustain for a period of time (20 - 30 minutes is ideal).

WARNING: This technique should never tried by people with cardiac (heart) related and/or seizure (epilepsy) related illnesses.

Step 1: On the Spot Running - Rigorous movement of muscle groups leading to enhanced oxygen supply for somatic cells. This is jogging without moving forward. Sustain your attention to your toes.
Time: Preferably minimum of 5 minutes; increase the duration by 1 minute every other week in continuous practise to 10 minutes maximum

Step 2: Forced Breathing - Constant forced breathing or Hyperventilation increases oxygen supply to nerve cells. Sustain your attention to breath stronger and faster.
Time: Preferably minimum of 5 minutes; increase by 1 minute every other week in continuous practise to 10 minutes maximum

Step 3: Cease! - Now stop all your activities! Complete Silence. Just watch (with closed eyes) all that is happening in your body. Start mentally scanning from toes to head. Be aware of each and every things happening to you and around you. Slowly shift you awareness to look at your own thoughts!
Time: Preferably minimum of 10 minutes – Time for final session is the sum of time for 1st and 2nd sessions.

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